Make Them Last

Help Us Create an Endowment for The Alabama and The Lyric

Make Them Last

Help Us Create an Endowment for The Alabama and The Lyric

Did You Know?

Whether open or not, the Alabama and Lyric cost more than $40,000 per month to maintain the status quo. How could that be possible? Easy.

  1. Insurance is significant,
  2. HVAC remain on to prevent mold from invading the century-old plaster,
  3. Both theatres must be cleaned regularly,
  4. Taxes must be paid, and
  5. Normal physical deterioration (roofs, electrical, plumbing, etc.) must be addressed on a regular basis whether any events are held or not.

Also consider this…

Image if you hosted tens of thousands of people to your century-old home. That’s what we do on a regular basis. As such, we’re constantly faced with dramatic wear and tear such as worn carpets and fabrics, paint and plaster repairs, clogged plumbing, electrical issues, and a myriad of other needs–not to mention unplanned structural issues with our signage, leaking roofs, and broken HVAC systems–with no way to cover such costs in a planned way.



Providing a perpetual source of income for future close calls.

The Forever Fund is an endowment managed by Regions Bank to provide a permanent source of money for the ongoing care and maintenance of the Alabama and Lyric Theatres.

Many universities, museums, and even other theatres have endowments that grow in perpetuity while providing the funds required for important facility upkeep. It’s time for us to have one too.

We’re Halfway There…

The FOREVER FUND must reach $5 million to generate $200,000 per year, forever.

Today, we have $2.4 million raised, but need your help. We are not able to draw funds until we reach the initial goal of $5 million.

Every little bit helps, but due to space limitations, donations of $10,000 or more will be added to a new donor wall in the lobby of the Alabama Theatre.

How You Can Help

In one sense, you can just write a check to “Birmingham Landmarks Endowment Fund” and mail it to:

1817 Third Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35203

Because an endowment is a longterm investment in Birmingham’s Landmarks, you might consider doing something even more lasting–options could include:

Outright gift of appreciated securities
Donor Advised Fund
Gift in your Will or Living Trust
Beneficiary Designations
Charitable Gift Annuity
Gift of Real Estate
Charitable Remainder Trust
Charitable Lead Trust
Tax-free Gift with an IRA

For additional ideas of how you might help the endowment:

Contact Your Financial Advisor